Only the best care for your furry family

A home away from home, you can trust your pups are being carefully looked after in our professional daycare centre with our qualified dog behaviourist. Every day our dogs get controlled stimulation including nosework, agility, toys, games, supervised play and training, as well as dedicated rest and cuddle times. Our Bark Rangers (staff) are professionally trained in order to create a safe and fun environment for all! 

Price List

Doggy Daycare

5 Day Concession$200
10 Day Concession$380
Under 2 hours$25
2nd Dog20% off

Daycare & Train

For daycare assessed dogs
Includes daycare pass

Course5 Day10 Day
Nosework Elite$680
Puppy Universityinfo
Desensitization $350$520


Additional to Daycare rate

30 min walk$25
Training walk$50
Private Birthday Party$60
Nail trim$10
Pick up & drop off$20$30

Why WAGZONE Doggy Daycare is the best choice for you and your dog

Force Free training

All training at ECC is force free and positive training methods. We never want your dog in a situation they feel stress, anxiety, fear or pain 

Qualified Dog Behaviourist

Qualified dog behaviourists in Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management. You can rest assured your dog is in the best hands

Structured days

A day in daycare includes dedicated play, train, enrichment, and nap times. It is important to provide dogs with controlled mental stimulation, appropriate socialization and play time and nap & relax times. We even have a specially designed sensory garden for your dogs to engage in their sniffing needs

Indoor outdoor freedom

All dogs will enjoy the freedom of indoor, outdoor choice at WAGZONE Doggy Daycare 

Group by sizes

Our daycare groups are created each day based on size and personality of each dog. We do not put big and small dogs in the same group

Kennel free environment

Our daycare is a completely kennel free environment. Structured days include nap time where the lights are dimmed, calming music on, lots of extra blankets and beds are bought out. Staff are trained in aiding dogs to calm and relax, with lots of cuddles and pats

Professionally trained

Our staff are trained in canine body language and psychology to ensure your dog will always be happy and comfortable at daycare

Safe environment

All dogs must go through our assessment process with one of our behaviorists to ensure suitability for daycare. You can be confident your dog will be in a safe and stress free environment

Staff to dog ratio 1:10

For enhanced safety for our dogs and staff, our staff to dog ratio is 1 staff to a maximum of 10 dogs

Elite Canine Collective is Fear Free certified

We only use positive and force free training techniques to prevent and alleviate dogs fear, anxiety & stress for all dogs in our care.
Animal welfare is our #1 priority, we offer no charge if your dog is stressed, unhappy or uncomfortable with the environment.