Daycare Enrolment Info

All daycare enrolment rules must be adhered to, 

failure to do so may result in enrolment being terminated 

Collars & Leads:

  • ALL dogs must be on lead and under control in the carpark and in the daycare reception area 
  • Please do not allow any dogs to meet on lead
  • All dogs must be wearing a collar when coming into daycare. Note we do not accept choker chains, prong, shock or buckled collars as collars or allow them in our daycare area as they are a safety risk.
  • Dogs must be wearing a quick release clip collar
  • Dogs who are being picked up or dropped off with our transport service must be wearing a harness with a back clip

Desexing & Seasons

  • Any female who comes into season is not permitted into daycare. If staff notice your dog coming into season you will be phoned immediately to collect them
  • Females can return to daycare 2 weeks after their season finishes. Please ensure they are bathed and all their bedding washed before returning 
  • Males should be desexed by 10 months of age or sexual maturity, whichever comes first. Staff will inform owners if dogs begin to display behaviours subject to increasing sexual maturity. If owners wish to desex when the dogs are older, they may require a stand down until neutering.
  • Pregnant females are not permitted in daycare 

Vaccination protocol 

  • All dogs attending daycare must be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination to be bought to the assessment 
  • No dog may enter the daycare area without staff viewing their vaccination records. Failure to bring proof of vacs to your assessment will cause it to be rescheduled. 


  • Please inform staff if your dog is on medication, as some medications require stand down from daycare until the course of medication is completed 

Bookings & Cancellations 

  • Cancellations should be informed at least 24 hours prior 
  • No shows may require payment 
  • Please book in for daycare, not booking prior may result in being turned away if daycare is fully booked 
  • Late pick up fees are $10 every 10 minutes

What to bring on their first day 

  • Vaccination book 
  • Lead & collar 
  • Lunch if required
  • Puppies 1 year & under we recommend bringing their bed or blanket to help them settle
  • And most importantly.. Your pup!


Please dont bring your dog into daycare if they show any symptoms of being unwell, such as;

  • Vomiting 
  • Diarrhoea 
  • Coughing 
  • Lethargy 

Dogs showing signs of being unwell may be sent home

Instant dismissal reasoning:

The welfare of the dogs in our care is our number 1 priority 

  • If dogs are stressed, anxious, or not coping in the daycare environment 
  • Reactivity towards other dogs or people 
  • Excessive barking 
  • Failed behaviour modification plan 
  • Dogs not happy or do not want to be in daycare
  • Fence jumping

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