Come learn basic obedience or fancy tricks with our internationally qualified & award winning staff!

ECC offers a range of training classes made suitable for every skill level. 
With a maximum of 5 dogs to a class, you will have plenty of time to practice your learnt skills in your own area, as well as having lots of time to ask your trainer any questions

Elite Canine Collective is the ONLY Doggy Daycare with Fear Free Certified Professionals in the South Island

We only use positive and force free training techniques to prevent and alleviate dogs fear, anxiety & stress for all dogs in our care.

Animal welfare is our #1 priority, we offer no charge if your dog is stressed, unhappy or uncomfortable with the environment. 

Puppy Play Sessions

Weekend 30 minute puppy play sessions with our Puppy University trainers.

Learn how to teach your dog appropriate greeting of dogs, play, and have some fun!

WAGZONE Puppy University

Exclusive to Elite Canine Collective, our puppy university is an in daycare training course with our Puppy Training specialists 

Puppy Obedience Classes

For puppies 8 weeks - 5 months old

Learn the fundamentals of training your puppy in our 6 week puppy course

Adolescence Obedience Classes

For dogs 5-12 months

Learn the fundamentals of training your dog in our 6 week teens dog course

Adult Obedience Classes

For dogs 12 months & Over

Learn the fundamentals of training your dog in our 6 week adult dog course

Agility Fundamentals

Come learn the fundamentals of Agility with Lisa, ECC's multi national award winning agility trainer

Nosework Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of starting nosework training. Teach your dog to find treats or toys, in a super fun environment for you and them

Elite Nosework

Tired of losing your keys or the remote? Elite Nosework teaches you how to teach your dog to find objects 

Must have completed the nosework fundamentals course

Tricks Fundamentals

Learn the fundamental building blocks to start trick training

Elite Tricks

Learn more complex tricks and techniques to be the coolest pup at the park!

Must have completed the tricks fundamentals course


Teach your dog how to walk at heel, focus, not pull and look super impressive!

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