Puppy University

Pawsitive beginnings for puppies under 20 weeks 

Putting learning in daycare

Daycare assessment required

EXCLUSIVE to Elite Canine Collective: Puppy University!

The best of both worlds: doggy daycare, socialization and puppy training with industry experienced and internationally qualified Canine behaviorists! Appropriate socialization is not just playing with other dogs; it is so much more and our team understands that. Our puppy university course is specifically tailored for your puppies ideal social development period, in a safe and controlled environment.

This 10 week program for puppies 20 weeks and under uses the daycare setting to cover all basic training, appropriate play and greeting of dogs, crate training, desensitization for grooming and adrenaline response. It also includes complimentary nail trims and a brush & tidy for the duration of the course.

∙ As Puppy University takes place in doggy daycare, a FREE 15 minute daycare assessment applies.

∙ Puppy University course fee includes 1 day per week daycare. Additional days can be added for $30 a day for the duration of their course 

∙ Paw-rents will get a daily report card on their pups paw-gress!

∙ Our Puppy University trainers hold specific puppy training qualifications, on top of their Psychology and Behavior diplomas. 

∙ 10% off store purchases during the duration of the course 

∙ 6 weeks FREE pet insurance 

∙ $699 

Week 1 ∙ Look
∙ Sit
∙ Recall
∙ Crate training 
∙ Toilet training 
∙ Appropriate greeting of other dogs
∙ Appropriate play

Week 2∙ Down
∙ Door Control
∙ Touch desensitization 
∙ Nail trim 

Week 3∙ Heel
∙ Leave it 
∙ Stand 
∙ Stay
∙ Brush desensitization 

Week 4∙ Adrenaline response 

Week 5∙ Enough 
∙ Relax

Week 6∙ Relax in high energy situation
Week 7∙ Offsite walk
∙ Heel 

Week 8∙ Offsite walk
∙ Public desensitization

Week 9 ∙ Anything that needs work

Week 10∙ Puppy groom, brush & tidy
∙ Graduation