Book now for our in home Doggy Daycare and Puppy University! 

Located in Hornby, our in home Doggy Daycare offers indoor, outdoor freedom, fully fenced yard, and to hang out with our own 2 super social pooches Pixie & Dobby. 

Puppy University: 
Puppies 8-20 weeks (at start of course)
No assessment required
Pay by day, or full course 
$69.9 per day or $650 10 days

Doggy Daycare:
Limited spaces
Assessment required for all dogs 4 months and older
Cat Assessment required (3 cats on site) 
$35 per day or $300 10 days

Discounted rates, limited spaces, flexible pick up & drop off times!

Located Blankney Street, Hornby 

10 day sessions are transferrable to our full Daycare premises at the time of opening for the remainder of sessions only

Already assessed? Book Daycare online HERE

Elite Canine Collective is Fear Free certified

We only use positive and force free training techniques to prevent and alleviate dogs fear, anxiety & stress for all dogs in our care.
Animal welfare is our #1 priority, we offer no charge if your dog is stressed, unhappy or uncomfortable with the environment. 


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