Only the best care for your furry family

Daily home visits from our certified Fear Free Behaviourist. Walks around the block or to the local park for their favourite games and training to keep them occupied, stimulated and happy, while you work!

No limitations, you can book daily, weekly, monthly or just a one off! 

All walks are on short lead or long line where suitable.
Prices do not include travel fees.
20% off second dog.

Elite Canine Collective is Fear Free certified

We only use positive and force free training techniques to prevent and alleviate dogs fear, anxiety & stress for all dogs in our care.
Animal welfare is our #1 priority, we offer no charge if your dog is stressed, unhappy or uncomfortable with the environment. 


Standard Walk
30 minutesfrom $30
1 hourfrom $45

Daily Visits

Toilet & Play
30 minutesfrom $25
1 hourfrom $40
Toilet, Play & Puppy Training
30 minutesfrom $40
1 hourfrom $50
Toilet, Play & Desensitization 
30 minutesfrom $40
1 hourfrom $50
Nail Trimfrom $10

Training Walks

30 minutesfrom $50
1 hourfrom $60
30 minutesfrom $45
1 hourfrom $55